16. January 2019 - 17:00 till 19:00
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Medieval Graffiti Workshops with Chris Beschi (ages 16-25) | Raw Material | Wednesday, 16. January 2019

Calling all spoken word artists, MCs, vocalists, actors and visual artists aged 16 - 25. Are you ready to bring the Tower of London's untold stories to light?
Join us for creative workshops exploring the 'medieval graffiti' hidden inside the infamous Tower of London and help tell the stories of the prisoners who were locked inside.

Medieval Graffiti Workshops with Chris Beschi:
Design posters and t-shirts inspired by ‘Medieval Graffiti’. The best designs will be manufactured into limited edition t-shirts to be showcased at our 'Live at The Tower'* event, alongside artwork displayed in the gallery space.

Live at The Tower
*Everyone who attends a workshop will also receive a personal invitation to "Live at The Tower", a VIP showcase on the 18th February at the Tower of London. The evening will include an interactive tour revealing the hidden secrets of the tower, along with music, live performances, opportunities to customise clothing, live visual projections and much more... we may even invite you to perform/exhibit your work on the night!