14. October 2019 - 17:30 till 19:00
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Modern Muse - Smashing Stereotypes and Raising Aspirations | STEM Learning London | Monday, 14. October 2019

Modern Muse is on a mission to eradicate the gender pay gap in the workplace by empowering girls to lead in the UK’s top industries.
 It does this by empowering girls aged 13-18, to consider their subject choices, raise their aspirations and make more informed career decisions.
 Girls have the potential to be great leaders, so Modern Muse is led by girls. 4-6 Youth Ambassadors per school (girls aged 13-18), sign up for a year and take part in the Modern Muse Leadership Programme. As a team, they promote the Modern Muse website to fellow students in their school. The website inspires girls to make more informed career decisions by connecting them to hundreds of inspirational role models, Muses, in a variety of careers, many in STEM. As part of the programme Modern Muse supports the Youth Ambassadors to learn important life-skills and meet Muses, and representatives from high-profile partner companies at Modern Muse events.
Modern Muse sees a world where there are equal numbers of men and women from all backgrounds, in all sectors represented at all levels, including the top leadership positions.
Join us to hear how your school can be part of this change, sign up here.
Please note that this event is likely to be very popular so be sure to book your place as soon as possible,this event is only relevant for those working in secondary schools.