23. November 2019 - 19:30
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Mohuar Pala - The Ballad of a Riverine Land | Rich Mix | Saturday, 23. November 2019

As part of A Season of Bangla Drama in Tower Hamlets, RadhaRaman Society is presenting this unique Bengali Opera of Maymansingh Geetika, an original collection of Bengali folk ballads on Saturday 23 November at 7.30pm and Sunday 24 November at 3.30pm in Rich Mix London.
With English narration, powerful dialogue, dazzling dance and intriguing melody and rhythm of Bengali folk music, the story depicts a philosophical journey of self-exploration, spiritual love and victimisation of patriarchy in a stunning theatrical setting.
Based on pre-medieval Bengal, the story of self-exploration revolves around a beautiful princess called Mohua who fatally stolen by a snake charmer at her childhood and then, had been fostered as a snake dancer under the snake charmer's family. While she was grown up, she was pushed to show the snake-charming games and dance in rural areas. The snake charmer's family was making a good business with Mohua's extra-ordinary beauty and aye-arresting dance. Mohua, through this journey, met the son of a local feudal lord Nadyar Chand and fell in love with him. Then, the social norms, custom of casts and class came as the major hinderance. The play, then highlights Mohua's struggle to win the obstacles after obstacles, her self-realization and the mystic search for her spiritual love.
Through the unique story-telling, Mohua became a powerrful allegory of the reflection of women even in modern world, prisoned under ruthless patriarchy and then, their fight for freedom.
The production promises to take audience to the rustic clay-house of Bengal under the Benyan tree where these operas were traditionally performed.