03. March 2034 - 18:30
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My 40th | InMyBedUnderMyComfyBlanket | Friday, 03. March 2034

Just a good old fashion party to celebrate my 40th
I'm pretty excited and already got teeth marks where my elbows are from dog bites.

The rules at the party:
- If its yellow let it mellow, if its brown flush it down!
- Drink beers with your pinky up at all time
- Dont pat my dog if I have a dog cause he might **** you cause i'll probably teach him how to **** **** who touch him if I have a dog
- There wont be a DJ cause DJ's just ***** on repeat.
- Bring ciggies to draw on
- Don't wear anything that will remind me of John Howard being president because its a real weak spot for me.
- BYO. box gaps & if Beyonce is alive tell her she sucks still

If you have any more questions just text me heaps on 0409 274 401