10. January 2020 - 9:00 till 12:00
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Planning & Delivering a Friendship Group in Primary School (2 Part Course) | Ealing Education Centre | Friday, 10. January 2020

This is a two part course during which participants will be provided with all of the resources and materials necessary to deliver Friendship Groups in schools.   This is an experiential course during which each class will be run as live allowing particiants to develop facilitation skills, listening skills and build confidence to deliver this intervention with pupils.
The course is designed to be delivered over a 6 week period and covers:

Who are our friends?
What do we look for in a friend?
Accepting difference
How do we talk to our friends?
How do we listen to our friends?
What is conflict and how to deal with it?
What is peer pressure and how to deal with negative peer pressure

Feedback from previous attendees:  100% said the training was BRILLIANT or GOOD
"The friendship group training was the best thing to since my time working in schools.   The sessions are going very well and the children love it"
"Having set activities that I could refer back to.   Having a structure/resources which were also flexible and allows u to talk around the issues that arise.   Having an instructor/someone to feedback any issues to"
"The actual content of the course/friendship group.   Good interesting provoking activities"