05. March 2020 - 10:30 till 16:30
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Professional Receptionist Course in London | Souters Training Centre | Thursday, 05. March 2020

Professional Receptionist Training Course
The Professional Receptionist Course is a CPD Accredited offered as an interactive workshop by an experienced trainer in London.

The course focuses on all the essential aspects required of a successful and productive corporate receptionist.
Successful Completion of the course results in an award of the prestigious CPD Professional Receptionist Qualification
Recipients of the accredited CPD professional Receptionists qualification will benefit from the increased job options
Course Objective:
To offer top-notch practical training and ensure that learners get a comprehensive skill set to meet the requirements of Professional and Corporate Receptionist Job Roles. Please find details of our Receptionist Courses by CLICKING HERE for our webpage.
Course Format:
The course is offered on scheduled days from 10:30 to 16:30. Please check our schedule to get more details on the next available
Course Content
Amicably meeting and greeting clients
•   Image improvement and first impressions
•   Relationship management with repeat visitors
•   Demonstrating Client needs’ recognition
•   Client care skills
•   Reception area management and managing stakeholder expectations
Multi-tasking on the job
•   Simultaneous handling of telephone and **** to **** conversations.
•   Organising and designating your roles to meet deadlines
•   Organising and designating administrative functions
•   Stress management in high-pressure entrainments to relay an excellent image.
Communication and Client Care Skills
•   How to remain approachable and positive
•   Conveying a positive message to your guests in all aspects of body language, soft skills, and tones.
•   Using effective tone and voice when handling visors
•   The role of Self-awareness and soft-skills when empathising with customers.
Handling Issues, Conflict, and other problems
•   How to deal with provocative and offensive situations
•   Handling difficult or problematic circumstances
•   Diplomatic message delivery and managing expectations
•   How to remain assertiveness and confidence
Telephone Management
•   screening enquiries
•   Using a pleasant tone and language
•   putting enquirers on hold
•     Managing calls on hold
•   Filtering and handling sales calls and cold calls
•   How to deal with Couriers
•   How to book meeting rooms
•   Handling telephone systems
Benefits of the Professional Receptionist Course
•   Boosts your CV with a CPD Certification, making you a Professional Receptionist
•   Covers everything dealing with Corporate or Professional Receptionist roles
•   Increases career opportunities with your enhanced Qualifications and CV
•   Gives you higher productivity and self-assurance
•   Enlightens you on career progress opportunities