27. February 2018 - 13:00
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Protest Trump's visit | London, United Kingdom | Tuesday, 27. February 2018

UPDATE: Your amazing campaigning efforts get results. The Trump visit has been suspended to an unspecified date in 2018. We will remain vigilant and bring out thousands to protest when details are known. More info:


If Donald Trump comes to the UK, we will hold the biggest protest in British history - to say no to the bigotry which Trump represents and no to the complicity of our government in supporting his agenda.

Join this event - pledge to join the demo when Trump comes to the UK.

We will respond with not just one massive demo, but a range of actions and activities up and down the country.

The Stop Trump coalition is building a massive alliance of grassroots campaigns, trade unions, community groups, politicians and ordinary citizens to fight back against what Trump represents. We are committed to building a movement that puts the voices of those directly affected by racism, sexism and prejudice front and centre.

Join the coalition here: www.stoptrump.org.uk
  • *Donald Trump is set to come to Britain on 26th/27th February*. Let's make it the biggest demo ever. Please migrate to this new event >>> https://www.facebook.com/events/144340712883728/
  • Surely he can't still be coming here? Everybody hates him apart from Piers Morgan, Theresa Mayhem and Farage.
  • Ohhhhh, this will be good!
  • I suppose June is a nice month for street cans, eh Mel?
  • Bernice Hepworth-Lloyd it's my weekend off! 😊
  • On Twitter - sorry I forgot who - someone suggested giant foam hands LOL LOL LOL
  • Irene thanks for the invite. I would love one be there but it is not possible as I will be in Northern Ireland that week
  • Make a noise so the abusers of our rights can hear us..be direct and clear, let them know we will not stand for this anymore. They can't hear us when we hide away and they won't hear us until we are loud and many.
  • Come along to this protest and action on Westminster bridge next weekend guys to appose may and trump and their denial! And share! May and Trump climate disaster - https://www.facebook.com/events/747422225425039/
  • Will there be protests in other cities in the UK?
  • If Southern Rail **** this up for me, I will be claiming for a dozen eggs.
  • no borders-boundaries of the executive mind - only the feminine principle/energy - aka - love-peace-joyousness
  • But won't the protest need to be in Scotland?
  • Best thing would be to call a flash air traffic controller and airport strike on the day. If that doesn't happen our family will join anyway.
  • Nick Hurley Get your ***** hat dry cleaned in time for this.
  • Can we all play trumpet like instruments? Wherever he goes, obnoxiously loud trumpets go. Humour is the only way to meet this man.... #trumptrump
  • If I can still walk I will be there
  • Has anyone considered the idea of choosing a specific and well publicised colour on the day for people to wear to show their dissent? I like the idea of the silent protest but realistically there will be enough people turning up just to watch that I don't think this will have much impact as the silent approach relies on everyone on route joining in, and as someone quite rightly pointed out earlier we have to allow the people who support Trump (or who are just out for a day out) to have their space to do so. Similarly with the back turning unless everyone takes part its going to be a bit of a futile gesture. If however everyone opposing Trump is wearing the same colour (something bright and eyecatching) then we are much easier to spot and much harder to keep out of TV coverage of the event. A bit like the democratic senators wearing white to signify suffrage at Trumps first address to Congress, though I think something like orange or pink that will really stand out on the news coverage. Also of paramount importance is everyone has a camera or phone and uploads plenty of images of the day with a suitable hashtag, spams Trumps latest tweets with pictures, facebook, youtube, instagram, and bombards all the major newsdesks both sides of the Atlantic with pictures of the protest.
  • There's no way it will be cancelled. Better to be out there objecting when he arrives!
  • I will not get to London but I will take part in any local protest. The man is dangerous.
  • I prefer Mark Steel's idea: let him come, but stop him at the airport for extreme vetting, and then turn him away because he's from a country that supports terrorism.
  • We should all and every one of us, stand up to Trump's vile bigotry and greed, and attend this protest.
  • If the protest is on a Saturday, wouldn't be best to concentrate on one demo wherever he is? Multiple action up and down the country dilutes what's happening and gets less press coverage. We went on the recent march in Nottingham. There was a good turn out, right through the city centre, and zero coverage on local TV. However, I know if it's during the week it's more difficult for people to travel a distance, so local is best.
  • I'm ******* buzzing for this, here's to promoting non violence, vegetarianism, spiritual ascension and an awakening to renewable energy sources! Peace! ***