04. July 2019 - 14:00 till 16:00
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Qigong - Space for Life | The DOJO space | Thursday, 04. July 2019

A Workshop: Qigong - Space for Life
The Dojo2 Doyle GardensNW10 3DA
£20.00 please RSVP to book
4th July 2019 2 to 4 p.m.
Qigong is an ancient movement system rooted in the practice of Shamanism and more recently in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
It has many well researched and documented benefits for health and wellbeing and is fast becoming known in mainstream rerehabilitation circles as a gentle and effective way of mindful exercise - good for body, mind and spirit!
As a Qigong coach with 25 years experience, I am interested in the connections of this practice to Shamanism. The unblocking of connection to all our resources as human beings, both known resources and those yet to be explored. The 'calling in' of what we need. However, it is fine to attend this workshop if you are a complete beginner and also if you are a regular practitioner. You do not need to know anything about Chinese Medicine or Shamanism. You will find benefits whatever your level of experience.
A Space for Life
The practice of Qigong brings spaciousness. The word Qi can be translated as 'space' and the word Gong as 'working with'. The movements and visualisations encourage room to 'spread out' both physically and psychologically. Nerve pathways become wider resulting in less discomfort, more blood passes through the vessels and the organs expand their surface areas to take up more nutrients.
Space also means that our problems occupy less of a percentage of the whole self!  We make room for possibilities, love, joy, peace and anything else that we are entitled to in life. We can incorporate new ways of looking at things.As we feel more spacious, so wellbeing increases, creating more wellbeing...and so on.
Please RSVP to let me know you are attending and I will let you know how to pay.
Sally IbbotsonQigong Coach