18. February 2019 - 15:30 till 16:30
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Sapphires Masterclass | John Pye Auctions | Monday, 18. February 2019

Masterclasses at The London Jewellery Showroom:
The journey of a sapphire from mine to market, with a focus on mining in Sri Lanka, how stones are treated to improve their quality and the importance of responsible sourcing by gem dealer and ethical jeweller Stuart Pool. Stuart is a specialist in responsibly mined and fully traceable coloured gemstones, mainly sourced directly from mines in Sri Lanka and Tanzania. He runs gem trading companies as well as being a co-founder of Fair Luxury, a group focused on positive change in the jewellery industry.
Stuart works very closely with local mine owners to provide a mine-to-market service, from extracting the rough gem material and the cutting and polishing of gemstones, right up to the sale of gems to the end customer, both wholesale and retail.  Stuart's companies support charitable projects in both Sri Lanka and the UK and he is also committed to educating the widest possible audience about the issues within the jewellery sector. He is supportive of many initiatives and programmes within the industry which are trying to improve conditions and benefits for those involved in all stages of the supply chains for diamonds, precious metals and coloured gems.