14. July 2018 - 10:00
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Silk Route through the Ages - Past, Present & Future | Winns Gallery | Saturday, 14. July 2018

PingHub UK at Winns Gallery Silk Road Exhibition & Workshops on art, photography, textile design-scarves production and culture (masks & belief systems) to provide an insight into the past, present and to introduce Virtual Reality (VR) experiences for the future. PingHub UK will also collaborates with PingHub Malaysia and PingHub ME for an exhibition at Keeni Kessler Gallery in Penang, Malaysia of Silk Road photos and the book launch. In addition, to exhibit textile designs from Iran with the Silk Road symbolism.For the future, we will have live streaming between Winns Gallery / Furtherfield Gallery and Keeni Kessler Gallery and also VR collaboration with Furtherfield Gallery to introduce emerging artistic and creative practice in VR and also an introduction Augmented Reality (AG) using TiltBrush.For more information:Contact: Peng Seng Ong, PingHub UK & PingHub InternationalE. pinghubinternational@gmail.com W. www.thepinghub.com