11. May 2020 - 8:30
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Sing like a Bird | | Monday, 11. May 2020

Two Day Workshop ~ 16 CPD hrsProfessional & Personal DevelopmentOpen to Beginners & ExperiencedLunch and Refreshments Served
Bring your singing to the next level.
Physical – body: posture, movement, energy, breath control. vocal: production quality & vocal care.
Mind – Increase memory, musicality and gain confidence.
Diversity – Be prepared to sing on point, ready in varying styles that suite your personality.Voice Care – Minimise sore and hoarse voice and tight, sore jaw and neck.
Musicality – Vocally blend with harmonies of instruments and vocals.
Yoga Routine – A yoga and meditation sequence to prepare your body, and mind for great singing.
Fundamentals Taught
A unique singing workshop that focuses on solid foundations of singing.
Taught by a professional intuitive vocal technician who is an expert in singing production getting phenomenal results for 35+ years.
Introduction to the anatomy of singing – anatomy of the respiratory system, expanding the thorax and chest
Correct deep breathing to improve singing, and phrasing
Advanced breathing techniques strengthen the reparatory system
Choir breathing patterns
Proper sitting, standing/balancing (for long periods of standing) and movement for optimal singing
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