23. October 2019 - 14:00 till 17:00
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SKETCHNOTING workshop: powerful techniques for learning & remembering | The Inktank at Scriberia | Wednesday, 23. October 2019

The ability to make quick useful picture-notes is increasingly recognised as an important skill whether you’re a team leader, health professional, teacher, student, policy-maker – or indeed anyone who needs to capture, absorb and share complex information in ways that stick.
We’ve all been taught to take down content from talks and articles in dry and tedious lists. This workshop explains the science behind why the act of drawing while you’re listening improves focus, comprehension and knowledge retention. A sketchnote can also be a very valuable tool for explaining ideas and processes to others.
The core of this session is a series of simple hands-on exercises that reveal step-by-step how to sketchnote live presentations and written content. You’ll learn visual-recording and -mapping techniques to prioritise key points, organise them and make them memorable.
You’ll discover how to present concepts in a clear and eye-catching way with strong layout and simple but effective typography.
And you’ll leave the workshop with the understanding and inspiration to start using sketchnoting as an everyday tool for your own and your team’s learning.

This event is part of Scriberia Academy's programme of workshops for non-artists. To find out more about our programme for individuals and organisations, visit http://www.scriberia.co.uk/academy/  Plus you can search for 'Scriberia' on Eventbrite for our other public events. 
This event happens in Scriberia's Inktank, our specially designed creative space. (It's on street level and has an accessible loo.) 
For details of the Terms and Conditions for this event, please visit http://www.scriberia.co.uk/scriberia-event-terms-and-conditions