11. July 2019 - 18:00 till 21:30
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Speedpottery Gift Voucher for 2 people | | Thursday, 11. July 2019

Please read all details about this event carefully before you book this gift voucher. Please contact the seller to check available dates before you buy.
Come and experience a fun and muddy weekday afternoon, evening or weekend session throwing on a potters wheel with me, Paddy Hartley at my London Bridge ceramics studio just 3 minutes walk from Shard. My two and a half hour sessions for 2 friends (on one ticket) will introduce you to throwing on the potters wheel and is geared towards first-time pottery novices.
The first hour of our session is all about focussed, friendly instruction for you and a friend in throwing on the wheel. You will learn how to centre your clay, how to open your centred clay and how to draw up the clay walls of your bowl/pot. I’ll also show you some quick and simple finishing techniques including profiling the base of your pot for that added zing before the final challenge, cutting your pot from the wheel.
The second period of the session is a timed ’speed-pot’ where you and your friend take turns applying all you’ve learned in 5 minute quick fire ‘pot-offs’ on the wheel. You’ll also experience throwing with your eyes closed relying entirely on touch alone and you’ll be AMAZED at the results! The emphasis is on fun and learning as much from what goes wrong as what goes right. Each of you will pick your favourite bowl/pot at the end of the session for glazing and collection at a later date if you so choose. 
This gift voucher allows you to buy a speedpot session with no fixed date to attend. Simply buy a speedpot gift voucher (for todays date) and Paddy will send you a voucher to print off. When you gift your voucher your recipient, they must email Paddy directly using the information on the voucher to arrange a time and date to attend their speedpot session and will provide full details as to the location of his London Bridge studio. If you have any questions or to check available dates, email Paddy directly first at paddyhartley@gmail.com
Please redeem your gift voucher as soon as you are able, ideally within 6 months.

Weekday evening sessions have flexible start times to accommodate whatever time you finish work. Sessions are 2 and a half hours long but you can choose your start time. Earliest start time is 5pm. Very latest start time is 7pm. Afternoon weekday sessions can also be arranged.
Is this event strictly ADULTS ONLY?
Yes, adults only please. The event venue does not permit admittance to under-18’s and youngsters are not permitted even accompanied by an *****.

Is this a group activity with more participants than just myself and my +1? 
The session will be run by Me for just you and your +1 so you’ll get undivided attention and tuition throughout the session.

Can more than two people attend a speedpot session? 
My studio is compact so I only usually accommodate two speedpotters in each session (you and a +1). I can however work with groups of 3 but ask that in this instance, you book a double session as we have a lot to cover in each speedpot! Contact me directly if you are considering booking a double session and I will create a listing specially for you.

Do you take weekday daytime bookings? 
Yes absolutely. If you want to make a weekday daytime booking, contact me directly and I will create a listing specially for you. paddyhartley@gmail.com

Do you provide aprons? 
Yes I do but you will inevitably get a little muddy so Id advise against wearing your best clothes and shoes. We use white clay. All clay used washes out.

Is this event unsuitable for anyone? 
Some of the materials we will be using are unsuitable for those who suffer from severe asthma, have breathing difficulties, skin allergies or are in any stage of pregnancy. If any of these apply to you, Please Do Not sign up for this event. Im afraid babies, toddlers and children under 18 cannot attend with Mum or Dad due to the nature of the space I work in. 

Anything else?? 
Yes, if you are currently recovering from surgery or broken limbs, fingers, ankle, shoulder or back strains etc, please only book after you've fully recovered. Throwing on the potters wheel requires more physical effort than you might imagine!

This event is strictly for people over 18 only. 
Please Do Not consume alcohol immediately prior to attending your speedpot session.