03. January 2019 - 9:15
Antenatal Education Room, 8th floor, North Wing, St Thomas' Hospital, London
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St Thomas' daytime antenatal classes - labour, birth, feeding and life with new baby | Thursday, 03. January 2019

                                              Coronavirus update

Dear all:

St. Thomas' hospital Antenatal Classes are temporarily cancelled due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. We are setting up online Video Groups to run Antenatal Classes online, once is up an running you'll receive an email with more information (PLEASE, ALSO CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER). However classes may fall on a different day/ time than the one booked. It would also be subjected to staff availiblity and the priority to cover critical services.

You can still book classes here, as it is unknown when will they be reinitiated and it is the best way to contact you back offering online Video classes and keeping you informed. Remember to book a ticket for your partner too.

In the meantime, please have a look at these links which they have plenty of videos with information on Labour, Breastfeeding and Responding Parenting.





Please, bear with us during this difficult times. We hugelly appreciate your support.

Stay safe

Antenatal Education Team

Dear parents:

You can book here free antenatal classes for women under St. Thomas maternity care, to attend between 32 to 36 weeks gestation. Day antenatal classes include all workshops in one day. Evening classes split in Part 1 (labour and labour coping methods) and Part 2 (breastfeeding and life with a new baby), and they need to be booked separately. You may bring a birth supporter with you, but please BOOK A TICKET FOR YOUR PARTNER TOO.

Please, when booking, ensure you put your ST. THOMAS' HOSPITAL NUMBER after your surname (eg. Smith 1234567A). Bring your notes to the class as you will need to present these at check in, to ensure you are booked at St. Thomas hospital.

Also, some of our Midwifery Teams (eg. Tower, Chesnut..)  provide their own antenatal classes, so, please, check with them before booking here. Also, if you decide to take private classes, there is no need to double book here, and you'll free spaces for those who cannot affor them.

Looking forward to see you.

Many Thanks.

Antenatal Education Team.