07. October 2017 - 18:15
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Stand Up To Trump: Protest his visit to Britain! | London, United Kingdom | Saturday, 07. October 2017

PLEASE NOTE: Donald Trump could come to Britain in between his attendance at the G20 summit in Hamburg starting this Friday 7 July and the Bastille Day celebrations in France on Friday 14 July. Get ready to protest if he does! Keep checking this event page for up to date details.

Protest called by Stand Up to Trump

Supporting groups include:
Stand Up to Racism
Stop the War Coalition
People's Assemby Against Austerity

Donald Trump is not welcome here! We will be organising protests to oppose Trump's racism, sexism and bigotry.

The invitation to Donald Trump for a state visit will be opposed by millions in Britain. Our government should not be seen to be endorsing the sorts of ideas and policies he is putting forward. We are committed, along with other campaigning organisations including Stand up to Racism, Stop the War, Peoples Assembly against Austerity and CND , to oppose this visit and to organise mass protests if it takes place.

Join our protest to tell Trump his racism and bigotry isn't welcome in the UK

More details TBC
  • WH official confirms that plans for Pres Trump to visit the UK in the Fall delayed until next year. Scheduling problems.
  • I would normally be there with you but love him or hate he can't be all bad there is good in everyone and the president and pope Francis are doing there utmost to help little Charlie Bard and if either of these men were to help my children or grandchildren then please let them help!! Just my thoughts instead of us protesting about president lets take all of our negative thoughts and show him we are better and would rather save a little boy who has a tiny chance of life rather than no chance in the UK sorry folks!! Jane x
  • Tfl alert ... all Whitehall and Trafalgar Square will be closed off on Weds 12th ... there are no scheduled events ... Trump visit?.... Game on Contestants......ready Gladiators........READY
  • Just got this from TfL... "From midday until approximately midnight on Wednesday 12 July, a number of roads in and around Trafalgar Square and Whitehall will be closed to all traffic. This is due to an event. Travel advice During this time, Trafalgar Square will be closed on all approaches. Whitehall Place will be closed from 06:00 and Pall Mall East from 09:00. If possible, avoid driving in this area. If you must drive, please allow more time for your journey or consider an alternative route. Buses in the area will be on diversion or stop short of their normal destination. Charing Cross, Leicester Square and Embankment Tube stations may be busier than usual" Anyone know what 'event' this is? Interesting timing with Trumps timetable...
  • Stand up we must! there is no place for racism and bigotry in today's world. Gone are the days of petty, selfish and narrow mindedness, we must look forward to open and broad long term future for generations to come !! Come on let us stand up tall against all prejudices ! Join the protest and stand firm !!
  • Why do life's failures end up protesting. Answer. Who cares!
  • EMERGENCY MESSAGE 🚨 As you know that Trump - sorry to say, an even bigger threat than Brexit - is due to visit London anytime soon, after meeting Theresa May *and* his puppet master, Putin, at the G20 summit. He now wants to do a "very quick" trade deal with the UK, which will result in a catastrophic and embarrassing impact for both nations (including the Brexit negotiations with the EU). We cannot just take a step backwards and be cowards. He has put America down, from ignorantly using his business experiences to "achieve" his goals to inciting absolute Islamophobia with his ****-style Muslim ban. Did any of his predecessors do anything that was wholly insane? Obviously not! Right now, I urge you all to persuade as many Trump haters (e.g. friends, family members, colleagues) to write harsh criticism all over Facebook, Twitter, and news outlets, along with lobbying all your local MPs and politicians to join the fight against the Trumpglish-rambling man-baby. Lobby Jeremy Corbyn, lobby Sadiq Khan, lobby Tim Farron etc. Get in touch with anti-Trump organisations, such as Stop Trump, Stand Up To Trump, Stand Up To Racism, and also HOPE not hate. If you receive rude and ignorant "get over it" or "you're not American" comments, don't reply - they just act as dumb as the man himself. So please, even if his visit does go ahead, we need to show our country and government that no deal with Trump is better than a bad deal with Trump. (Or perhaps "no deal with Donnie is better than a bad deal with Donnie" sounds catchier.) Let us all resist and protest the wrath of the racist and sexist mouldy orange! #DontDoDealsWithDonnie
  • Did you mean to have the date as July or October? Because it shows October but you mention the UK visit 7/7-7/14
  • A bit late in the day ain't it
  • How pathetic. He was elected president of the USA whether you like it or not. I'm sure Mr Corbin will protest for you all !
  • Please note Trump could come between the Hamburg G and the Bastille celebrations 14 July
  • Thank you for the up date
  • His in Russia right now..
  • Becca. Are you at this!!
  • When is he coming!? and where do we march!!?
  • Somebody please keep us up to speed with details of where and when. ;)
  • Where is the meeting point
  • Thanks for standing up and resisting, Jan and Dave! I'm definitely with you in spirit. 💓💓💓😏💓💓💓😘
  • You mean you're not going to the Big Meeting!
  • Sorry I like him !! That better ?
  • Stand up for Trump!? Yey! I'm in!!! So, what's the plan?
  • Show Trump your Rump
  • Where is it ????
  • Where is it happening????