11. September 2018 - 18:45
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THE SUNNY SIDE OF LONDONERS - A fun & interactive 6-session communication workshop | Idea Store | Tuesday, 11. September 2018

THE SUNNY SIDE OF LONDONERS - A fun & interactive 6 - session communication workshopWe are back with another round of our fun workshop! journey begins with a first step. We invite you take the first step in your journey to become a more confident communicator and a better public speaker.The two key ingredients required for getting better at these skills is the ability to **** the fear of making mistakes and being spontaneous. At our workshops, we work towards the same objectives but in a fun and relaxed way so that you learn to ‘laugh it off’.Through this workshop, we concentrate on self-awareness to improve communication skills. We achieve this by providing a non-judgmental space that sparks creativity and reinforces positive behavior.We invite you to join a 3-week workshop where we will be using a variety of tools but primarily through interactive exercises, improv games and role quick notes on the workshop:1. Dates: Course begins at 6.45pm hours on 11th Sep 2018 and will run for 3 weeks every Tuesday & Thursday at the same time and place. The dates are - Sep 11, 13, 18, 20, 25, 272. Only 11 spots available.3. Location:Idea Store, Canary Wharf, Churchill Place, London – E145RB4. Level: Beginner level5. Workshop Structure (Each session has a target area of focus and we suggest some simple follow up activities during the week to ensure maximum impact of the session)WORKSHOP TAKEAWAYS:We feel Self-Awareness is the most impactful takeaway of all. These sessions allow you to understand the areas to improve in softer skills of life. Once you have recognized them, it becomes much easier to achieve also acquire valuable life and career skills, including the ability to express their ideas, work with team-members, communicate with confidence and make conversations easily.The other benefits are –- Self-Confidence & Presentation Skills- Creativity and Self- Expression- Body Awareness and Physical Control- Ability to Negotiate & Handle Interpersonal Issues- SpontaneityBelow is the session plan for the 6 weeks -SESSION 1 – ICE BREAKERS + INTROSPECTION EXERCISE + ROAD MAP FOR NEXT 5 SESSIONSThe focus of this session is to understand the areas of improvement for each participant & develop a roadmap for the next five weeks.- Post Session Tasks – Self Observation 2 – TALKING IN THE RIGHT TONE AND TENOR - We concentrate on your voice!We work on voice tone, projection, pace, rhythm and emphasis. Each of these attributes affect the clarity and effectiveness of a Session Tasks – Voice modulation 3 – BODY LANGUAGE – THE NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION – We concentrate on your body language!Participants learn how to demonstrate assertive body language through games and activities and to enhance their presence in a Session Tasks – Self-awareness 4 – PUBLIC SPEAKING – We target your deep fears and concentrate on public speaking skills – some really neat tips!Post Session Tasks – Mirror and practice. And repeat. And repeat!!!SESSION 5 – ACTIVE LISTENING – Are you listening or hearing? We push you to listen actively!Active listening is key to becoming a successful communicator & it also enhances our ability to connect with Session Tasks – Talk less - listen more exercises!!!SESSION 6 – GRAND FINALE – Revision + FeedbackWe practice what we learnt & review our individual Session Tasks – The first step has been taken – now time to practice more!!!See you there! Please note that the spots need to be booked in advance.Do check out photos & videos on our facebook page -