21. September 2019 - 11:00 till 14:00
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Transforming Relationships | Clearly Destiny | Saturday, 21. September 2019

Transforming Relationships Workshop

We are delighted to announce this Transforming Relationship Workshop hosted by myself and Marta.

Who is this for?

You might benefit if you …

- have been through toxic relationships

- want to liberate from previous relationships

- recuperate your energy and soul fragments after a draining/ demanding relationship

- are ready for a new romantic relationship

- want to manifest a loving, fulfilling romantic relationship

What does it involve?

- Clearing contracts, cords, attachments, hooks,

- Clearing vows of suffering & Sacrifice, of celibacy

- Toroidal Heart Connection

- Manifesting Divine love and relationship

- Toroidal Touch to release limiting beliefs about relationships

- Toroidal Shield to protect your energetic field

About Facilitators


Marta is Multidimensional Healer,Holistic Therapist and Soul Realignment Coach and Shamanic Practitioner,Channel for Divine Feminine

Specialising in Core Wound Healing,Inner Child work and Karmic Healing





San is a trained Sound Healing practitioner who uses gongs, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, drums, tuning forks and voice in her Sound sessions and sound workshops. She also holds womb healing workshops and creates aromatherapy essence oil sprays.

She has recently created healing tool that incorporates Sacred Geometry & Toroidal Energy called Tachyon Soulprint that aims to balance mind, body and spirit, reprogram DNA through connecting to our Soul blueprint.

She also does Munay-Ki Rites and Rite of the womb.

FB: Soul Aurganic Sound Healing & Tachyon Soulprint

E: soulaurganic@gmail.com

M: +44 7752358516

W: www.tachyonsoulprint.com

YouTube Channel:


Contribution: £60

We look forward to seeing you in this amazing transformative, self-empowering journey!

San & Marta