20. December 2018 - 19:00
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Winter Wonderland 2017 | Hyde Park | Thursday, 20. December 2018

Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park in London from 17 november!

Every year this massive Christmas event takes place in Hyde Park. Each year it is bigger with more rides etc.

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is a spectacular festive event in the heart of the capital. For six weeks, London’s famous Hyde Park is transformed into a magical wonderland of winter festivities.
It’s FREE to enter so you can walk around at your leisure and soak up the atmosphere.

Winter Wonderland offers a dazzling array of activities and entertainment. Enjoy skating around the UK’s largest open-air ice rink, have an arctic adventure in the Magical Ice Kingdom, see jaw-dropping circus shows, world-class ice dancing in The Nutcracker on Ice and see stunning views across London in the Giant Observation Wheel. There’s over 100 spectacular festive rides and attractions, London’s largest German-style Christmas Markets, plus a wealth of delicious food and mulled wine aplenty!
  • Is wonderland open in afternoon or only in evening ?
  • 15th Dec
  • Do I have to print my tickets or can I just show on my phone?
  • Had an amazing time yesterday, however very upset that I spent £20 on two tickets to “bar Ice” to then get inside and find out you can only have a drink with alcohol and that they only do Smirnoff with fruit... which I’m allergic too. I spent £20 to stand inside and watch everyone else have a drink. I couldn’t find anywhere where it states there is only alcohol inside? Also spent £5 on some sweets at winter wonderland and only got about 8 sweets. Did enjoy my time here but very very expensive!!
  • We’ve been going for years very upset that my daughter had her handbag stolen yesterday ..!!! She was told no items aloud on ride & all bags would be safe ..!!! to then get off the ride & have no bag cctv sew a man walking off with it she lost everything iPhone 7+ house keys, car key, designer bag & purse bank cards . everything’s was blocked what a scum bag 🤬🤬🤬🤬
  • My amazing proposal on saterday at winter wonderland thank u so much 2 the circus who helped :)
  • Anyone know the name of that funny English bloke who sang versions of It Wasnt Me, Gangstas Paradise and No Diggity? He was so good!!
  • Are you coming to the biggest event of 2018?
  • Whoever commissioned this disastrous old folk band should reconsider moving them out of the Bavarian Village URGENTLY! Killing the mood...!!
  • Andy Bell can we go here after footy 😁🌲 x
  • Is it on now??
  • Went yesterday it was very busy and very cold be very careful and look out for eachother lol 😂
  • does anyone know how much the fair rides are? I know the prices to ice skating rink, big wheel etc. just can't find prices for the other rides. thanks in advance
  • Prince Harry's Stag Do... The cool prince is getting wed let's get lit 🔥
  • Why did this close at 10.00 pm tonight? Please
  • Do we need to print tickets **
  • Ben Wilkinson Before we go to the gig ...pllleeeeeeasseeeeee
  • Theo Parry Sunday?
  • Jon Perkins???
  • Maddie Jones was told this is gooood :)
  • Sarah Crunkhorn Charlotte Harness-Knowles I cannot wait 😄😄😄
  • I am going soon with Grandchildren ,it looks 😉 amazing.My son goes every year and he is coming and said we will enjoy it **
  • Is this on on the 2nd weekend in December
  • Meee tooo :) is open already ? Have fun