25. July 2019 - 19:00
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Yogalatese & Mindfulness | Matthews Community Hall | Thursday, 25. July 2019

In our fast-paced world, tired and stressed can feel like the new ‘normal’.
Juggling family, work and the constant stimulation of technology and social media can affect our health and sleeping patterns, leaving many of us feeling overwhelmed and lacking in energy.
Studies have shown a clear link between stress and illness, and yet with a wide array of lifestyle advice on health and fitness out there, it can be tough to know what changes to make, let alone finding time to implement them.
The truth is, our bodies and minds function optimally when there is regular space for rest and replenishment.

The Mind-Body Flow programme has been specially designed to help you make a realistic and joyful shift towards better health.
Not only will you receive **** to **** support by expert practitioners in their fields, but you’ll also gain lifetime access to several fun and manageable online home practices led by the very same teachers you’ll be working with in person every week.
By adopting our ‘little and often’ approach to creating a sustainable home practice, you will learn tools to adapt mindfully to change and let go of habitual stress and tension.
Regular practice helps you feel calmer, more relaxed and grounded, not just on your days off, but every day.

Find your flow in just 5 weeks

This 5-week programme combines Solomon Yogalates (Hatha Yoga and Pilates) and REST Method mindfulness techniques, channeling together Eastern and Western wellbeing practices to help keep your head above water in the muddy waters of the day to day.

What is the REST Method?

The 4-step REST method, designed and delivered by mindfulness meditation expert Lis Cancio, will help you interact with - rather than react to - daily challenges. 
REST is a step-by-step, evidence-based approach to mindfulness, that combines ancient wisdom with modern research, giving you tools to manage day to day stresses with greater ease and clarity.

What is Solomon Yogalates?
Led by Beth Morgan, Yogalates is an award-winning exercise system that combines core-stabilising, posture-enhancing Pilates with enlivening Yoga practices, improving strength, stamina, muscle tone and flexibility.

Working with the breath is integral to the method; calming the mind, soothing the nervous system and helping us cope better with stress, both on and off the mat.
Solomon Yogalates integrates traditional Yoga with current research into functional movement, back care and therapeutic exercise, making it safe and suitable for all ages and fitness levels, even complete beginners.


What’s involved?
The Mind Body Flow programme combines in-person and online learning, coupled with weekly Yogalates videos and audio-guided mindfulness sessions, all led by your experienced course leaders, Lis Cancio and Beth Morgan.
The integration of these two body-mind approaches makes this course comprehensive and unique.

Your in-person programme:

5 x 2 hour weekly group sessions (over five consecutive weeks)

1-hour Yogalates lesson with Beth (inspired by the current week’s theme)

45-minute REST Method mindfulness practice with Lis

Tea & supportive group chat with Q&A

Your Mind Body Flow home toolkit: 

To support the in person sessions, every week you will be emailed new online content that you can practice with at home:

A 20 min Yogalates class (video) led by Beth 

A 5-10 min mindfulness practice (audio) led by Lis

Weekly themes:
Practice and conversation will centre around the following themes:
Week 1 - Motivation: Starting a regular practice
Week 2 - Embodying breath: Staying present
Week 3 - Connecting mindfully: Coping under pressure
Week 4 - Responding vs. reacting: Thinking differently
Week 5 - Integration: Sustaining a long term practice

The Full Package
What you’ll receive…

5 x in-person 2hr sessions with expert practitioners in their fields

Bonus material (with lifetime access)…

5 x Yogalates videos produced specially for this course

5 x Mindfulness audios produced specially for this course

Weekly emails with supportive material