26. February 2020 - 19:00 till 21:00
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Coaches Club Workshop: Dr Amy Whitehead | Foyle Arena | Wednesday, 26. February 2020

Dr Amy Whitehead is a Reader (Associate Professor) and practitioner in the areas of Sport Coaching and Psychology at Liverpool John Moores University.
Amy's specific research and practice focusses on understanding coach and practitioner decision making and improving the reflection process using Think Aloud. For more information on Amy's research, practice and publications see the following link:
Amy will deliver the Think Aloud workshop. This workshop will introduce you to Think Aloud, how it's been used previous in research and practice and how coaches can apply it their own development as developing practitioners. Think Aloud involves a coach, coach developer or athlete recording his or her own thought process during a task or a coaching session. Within this workshop each delegate will have a chance to apply this method to their own coaching and look at how they can step outside of the comfort zone to really think about their own thinking and in turn improve their coaching and practice.