19. March 2019 - 18:00
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DiverseTechNW -- Coding Taster | The Federation | Tuesday, 19. March 2019

Are you a motivated, curious and full of bright ideas? Yes?  Have you ever thought about working in Tech?
There are lots of reasons to explore a career in digital tech --1. Tech is the fastest growing global sector2. Salaries are competitive3. There are plenty of jobs and lots of variety -- roles vary from creative to business to coding and everything in between. And because the Tech sector is growing so quickly, there is lots of flexibility as 1 in 3 tech jobs go unfilled
DiverseTechNW is a series of FREE Taster sessions hosted by Diverse & Equal, for people curious about working in digital tech with little or no prior experience. The first of the series will focus on Coding and over the next few months we'll take time to explore the many careers available in the Tech Sector.
More details on Twitter at @diversetechnw

DiverseTechNW Coding Taster -- Tuesday 19th March 6:00 - 9:00pm (refreshments provided):
Why you should attend?  - you're tired of your job or concerned about your future- you want to find out what it's like to work in Tech from a diverse panel of Tech professionals  - you want to get a chance to try coding for yourself - with other beginners, just like you. You want to learn hands-on, with plenty of support  - you want to network with industry professionals  - you want to connect with organisations that can train you -- and find out about apprenticeships/sponsorships
DiverseTechNW Taster series:April 30 - Cyber SecurityJune 4 - Service DesignJuly TBCSeptember 10 - Agile deliveryOctober 8 - Data ScienceNovember 12 - UXDecember  TBC
You'll need a laptop for this course but let us know if you don't have one and one will be provided for the session.
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