06. January 2020 - 18:30
AC Hotel by Marriott Manchester City Centre, Manchester
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Earn & Learn Forex Trading - Manchester | Monday, 06. January 2020

Our aim is to assist people to gain time freedom by developing their financial wealth using the Forex market.

As a qualified NLP practitioner and teacher, along with an affiliated education program I personally assist my clients in gaining the knowledge our state operated education system fails to provide.

Our current financial climate sees our next generation unable to start life debt free with over 80k of debt when leaving university, the ever increasing property prices meaning they can not invest in bricks and mortar, plus the whole starting a family. We are taught go to school, get a good education, then get a job. What job? There are barely any positions for uni grads and over 80% end up working in an industry they didn't study for. Let's **** it JOB really does mean 40hrs for 40years of being Just Over Broke!

Up until recently the Forex market was open to only the richest, now thankfully we have the technology and education systems in place to share a little piece of this $6.3 trillion dollar a day wealth with everyday people.

Now is the time to make the decision to leave a legacy for generations to come and to break the chain of poverty.

Direct message me to book your FREE overview of what we offer and how we can assist you to reach your goals for not just yourself but your whole family.

We can not guarantee a quick fix and financial wealth overnight, but what we can guarantee is you will learn a skill for life and bring your dreams into reality.

 Please contact Sara +44 7513 350622 once you have reserved your ticket.