03. January 2019 - 19:00 till 20:00
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Free Webinar: Live Well After Teaching:'Through the door...'. | | Thursday, 03. January 2019

'Live Well After Teaching: Through the door...' is a confidential one-hour webinar run by the Teach Well Alliance where teachers who have been 'shown the door' by their headteacher, or have decided to leave their school for another post, or to leave teaching altogether, can share their experiences, support each other and explore options for building a new future. You do not need to reveal your school and you can use a pseudonym in the webinar if you wish. You only need to provide your name and personal email address to the Teach Well Alliance when registering. We will keep your details secure.
This webinar is entirely free and, if you feel it is appropriate, a closed and secure Basecamp group is available for you to join to continue to support one another. Basecamp is a project organisation platform which enables members to message each other and save documents which might be helpful. 
[If you require a longer-term and more structured support programme, the Teach Well Alliance has a 6-month 'Live Well after Teaching’ support programme which you might consider joining. Go to for more information. Please note that the webinar is completely separate and does not require you to sign up for the ‘Live Well After Teaching’ programme.]