28. October 2020 - 9:00 till 17:00
Manchester, United Kingdom, Manchester
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GDPR Subject Access Requests Course - CPD Accredited - Manchester - £350.00 + VAT | Wednesday, 28. October 2020

Do your team know their obligations if they get asked by a client or employee for all of the information you hold on them? What should they do? Where should they start? How do they comply to the GDPR? What exemptions to use? This course collects 8 CPD credits. COURSE DETAILS: DPAS are aware that managing the process of subject access requests (SAR’s) can be overwhelming and challenging for organisations. Dependant on the nature of your organisation you can be inundated with requests from; customers, clients, employees, complaints and so many more. Data Protection Officers are expected to know the legal requirements, case law and a myriad of different guidance in particular in Health and Education, and deliver SARs all within one month. Therefore we have developed a one-day training course designed in supporting you delivering Subject Access requests by your GDPR Article 15 requirements. COURSE CONTENTS: Our one-day SAR’s course will cover all of the relevant legislation from the GDPR and Data Protection acts as well as; • Understand what has been asked from a SAR • The legal responsibilities of responding correctly to a SAR • Different types of SAR’s • How to manage SAR’s requests • Setting up a SAR’s response system • How to manage 3rd party information • How to provide the information to the data subject • How to manage requests to edit or remove data • The exemptions to SAR’s within the legislation and current case law • How to correctly set up a reporting structure within your organisation to manage SAR’s • How to deliver training to other staff also working with SAR’s This session will also allow delegates to work on case study subject access requests with the guidance of our trainer. By doing this they will have the practical knowledge on how to manage situations and implement processes within their organisation. In addition to the training we give you the following free added value products: ​

- A full suite of SAR letters and texts to respond to data subjects in almost every circumstance

- A set of decision trees and tools to use when determining your response to a request. Please note, our SAR’s processing course requires a good level of knowledge of GDPR and Data Protection, therefore delegates will need to have completed a GDPR Foundation level training course before attending. FORMAT:

Our SAR's training course;

- Take 1 day to complete

- Are held at various locations around the UK

- Can be held at your office

- Starts at 9:30 am and finishes at 4:30 pm

- Includes a GDPR specific book (recommended by DPAS)

- Includes refreshments and lunch catering WHO IS OUR COURSE AIMED AT: Our SAR’s training course is ideal for anyone operating within an organisation that does or will manage SAR’s processing. This could be:

- Data Protection Officers

- Data Protection Managers

- Admin Teams

- Information Governance Officers

- Risk Managers

- GDPR/ Data Protection staff members

- HR