20. November 2019 - 9:45 till 16:30
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Introduction to Strengths-Based Practice | St Thomas Centre | Wednesday, 20. November 2019

Find out how working with peoples’ strengths can make their experience of services more dignified, useful and empowering - and lead to better outcomes.

This course will teach delegates how to incorporate Strengths-Based values and principles into their work; it will enable them to recognise, and build on, the strengths of the people they work with. The course will help delegates to develop practical next steps to make existing processes and practice more Strengths-Based. The session will also look at common misconceptions about the approach and how to challenge and overcome them.
Who is this course for?

Frontline homelessness workers with basic or limited knowledge of Strengths-Based Practice.
Frontline homelessness workers with little experience in the field
Staff from other sectors who have direct client contact
Organisations who are not yet, or are in the early stages of, working in a Strengths-Based way.

What will you learn?
On completion of this course you will:

Understand what Strengths-Based practice is
Be able to recognise deficit based practice
Be able to identify strengths of the people you work with
Understand how to implement elements of Strengths-Based Practice in your service
Understand how Strengths-Based approaches interact with other practices and processes.

Delegates will receive a copy of the presentation and a further reading list.
This course was created in partnership with MIND.
Homeless Link Members - £115 per person
Associate member - £130 per person
Non-members - £160 per person
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