12. December 2020 - 21:00
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Margam Castle Ghost Hunt Xmas Special (South Wales ) £40 PP | Margam Country Park | Saturday, 12. December 2020

Margam castle is a terrifying, eerie and chilling location situated in Port Talbot, Wales. The castle is believed to be the home to a nasty and angry spirit of a Game Keeper who is believed to have been murdered by a poacher, he is said to be the main haunt of the castle and is responsible for throwing objects around. The castle houses many ghosts and has been at the centre of numerous amounts of paranormal activity, the sound of children's laughter has been heard, dark shadows have been seen, Poltergeist activity witnessed, the list is endless! What will we find here ?
Your night will include :-
*Chance to investigate many areas of the castle*Chance to use real investigation equipment such as K2 Meters, Ghost Boxes and EVP Sound recording devices*Opportunity to partake in investigation experiments such as Spirit Boards/Table Tipping*FREE TIME to conduct your own investigating*Free Refreshments and Christmas Crackers and Mince Pies
*No alcohol , under 18's or pregnant ladies please *