05. August 2018 - 10:00
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Premier Fifa Tournament 2018 | NEC, National Exhibition Centre | Sunday, 05. August 2018

Win £1Million (1st prize) Are you the best at Fifa 18? if yes than waste no time to enter the uk Biggest Cash prizes tournament that can only hold a maximum of 100,000 competitors in the whole of England So Good Luck. Make sure you share and have a team of family or friends entering with you for a greater chance of winning entries close on the 1st of July. To enter you must be 16+ so Good Luck and let the Premier Fifa tournament Begin For every one and also there’s a total of 15 cash and car prize winners but as you enter the arena you will be given a raffle ticket don’t loose this ticket as there are 10 winners each receiving £10,000 so Good Luck.
Prizes also include....
2nd - £500,000 / 3rd £250,000 / 4th £125,000/ 5th £62,500/ From 6th to 15 will each win a brand new VW Golf 2018.