19. March 2020 - 12:00 till 13:00
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Better Faster Fitter Workshop - Nutrition | Functional Life - Dr. Eric Pirrone | Thursday, 19. March 2020


Do you:
Crave something sweet after a meal regardless of the time of day?
Skip meals then make up for it at the end of the day with anything in the cabinet?
Struggle to lose weight or have tried other "DIETS" with unsustainable results?
Have a history of Cancer in your family?
Have pre-diabetic markers like: High HbA1C, Insulin, Fasting Glucose or Cholesterol?
Then you need to be at our INFORMATIONAL MEETING on Thursday, March 22th @ 6:30pm.
“Your body does not want to be overweight any more than it wants cancer.”   ~ Jonathan Bailo
Learn  THE TRUTH ABOUT SUGAR and WHY you should Detox!
 3 Biggest Reasons to Detox
Reason #1 : You don’t know how good you can actually feel.
Reason #2: The toxic load on the body is too much for it to handle.
Reason #3: Chronic inflammation is the root of all disease.

MONTHLY BFF:  Being the healthiest version of yourself requires knowledge and dedication to best self-care practices. As your BFF in wellness our FREE workshop will help you develop an understanding of how to care for yourself. We will explore the idea that wellness is a way of life and give you the tools and tactics you need to accomplish it. It is our belief that you can’t medicate your way out of a problem that you’ve behaved your way into.
Each month has a NEW topic of focus AND covers basic health and nutrition guidance.  We wrap up the workshop with a Q & A session :) 
Take the first step in bettering your health by attending this informative class.  While this class is FREE registration is required.  Please make sure to include any guests that may be coming with you when you sign up!  See you soon friends.
Functional Life
Logan Square
15 Village Square, Suite 1
New Hope Pa 19838