18. July 2020 - 9:00
Spin City Newbury, Newbury
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Spin City - Aerial Sling Beginners Instructor Training Course | Saturday, 18. July 2020

Course Name: Spin City Beginners Aerial Sling Instructor

Pre-course reading: 8-10 hours

Completion of pre-course tasks/assessment prep: 4-6 hours

Number of **** to **** Training Hours: 16

Cost of Course: £375 (payment due on booking)


The Spin City Beginners Aerial Sling Instructor Course will cover the fundamentals of safe and effective Aerial Sling Instruction. We will give you a range of teaching and coaching techniques to make you a confident and effective instructor. This will be supported by relevant aerial theory, including teaching safe progressions, correct postural alignment and spotting techniques. We will also cover the practical aspects of running your classes from how to structure your syllabus to the process of writing class plans.

This is a blended learning course that requires pre-course reading and assessment preparation before the **** to **** course weekend.

Pre-course reading: 8-10 hours

Completion of pre-course tasks/assessment prep: 4-6 hours

Recommended practice hours: 50-100 hours (e.g. attending classes/workshops/shadowing/co-teaching/working with a mentor/lesson observations)

**** to **** course duration: 16 hours (9am-5pm each day)

Pre-Requisites: Pole Fitness experience (minimum of 12 months recommended). Introductory knowledge of anatomy and physiology/first aid is recommended but not required.

Pre-Course Tasks: Please note, you will be required to read the theory section of this course and complete the Instructor Workbook and related tasks prior to attending. You will also be expected to prepare assessment paperwork for day 2 of your course. All course documentation will be posted to you within 14 days of booking.

Assessment: This course has a two part assessment; stage 1, complete your Instructor Workbook (theory assessment) and assessment lesson plan prior to the training course, found in the Instructor Training Manual provided. Stage 2, teach an hour long beginners class on day 2 of the training course..

For more information head to: https://www.spincityinstructortraining.com/course-list/aerial-sling/beginner/