01. December 2017 - 16:00 till 19:00
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Year 10 Parents Evening | Norwich, Norfolk | Friday, 01. December 2017

An opportunity to meet with you child's teachers to dicuss subject progress.
  • Happy birthday Barry
  • Need a bouncer? We can sort the druggies out
  • **** yes
  • Set times?? 😉😬
  • Anyone bringing any pingers? 👀 asking for a friend.
  • BYOB?
  • What the **** is this yanky danky doodle shite?p
  • wag 1 piff ting
  • Need any DJ's? All I require is 1 cup of weak squash in a plastic cup.
  • Subir la bolsa 🤙
  • Will have pingers there holla holla
  • Scotty T tonight at AfterDark! Turbo T on tour tonight tickets available on the door!
  • Chase & Status in a Warehouse. This Freshers in Norwich!
  • Can I Play? It Looks like an amazing event!!
  • 3 days until Norwich's First Warehouse Party! Check out the event here:
  • Buzzing for this event it's gonna be a mad one
  • Winter Wonderland 2017 is coming... Join for updates!
  • Win everything in this photo courtesy of The Dancing Astronaut. Check out the photo description for info on how to win!
  • Can't wait for this parents evening, it's gonna be sick George Hayward
  • Under 2 week's until Norwich's first warehouse party launches! Expect scenes like this. Check out the event here: The Dancing Astronaut - Warehouse Party
  • Gonna be lit