17. February 2020 - 17:30 till 20:30
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Being a Trustee - What Does it Mean? (Includes new Charity Governance Code) | Nottingham Voluntary Action Centre | Monday, 17. February 2020

In December 2016, the Charity Commission once again emphasised that there is ‘the need for trustees to get a real grip on their duties and do the basics better.’ The Commission is very concerned that trustees do not understand their role and the updated guide for trustees (The Essential Trustee) gives a clear message of what is now expected from you. This session will help you to discharge your duties, be more aware of your liabilities and show you how to deal with conflicts of interest.
What level is this course?
Level 1 – Has no experience in this field
Level 2 – Has some experience in this field but would like more
Who should attend?
All Trustees (Board Members/Committee Members) of voluntary and community sector organisations as well as directors of CIC’s, CIO’s and social enterprises
What will participants learn?
The course will:

Explain what you are responsible for and how you must act

Ensure you fully understand your duties and liabilities of committee members

Explain how you can deal with conflicts within your group

Provide you with essential/useful information and handouts

What else do you need to know?
Tea, coffee and water
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