18. July 2020 - 10:30 till 16:30
SUP Yoga & Fitness UK, Nottingham
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Land to Lake - Learn to Paddle Day Workshop | Saturday, 18. July 2020

New to SUP?

Want to get on board and out on the water in 2020?

Then join us on our amazing paddling workshops and sessions in 2020

New To Paddling:

Land to Lake - Learn to Paddle Day Workshop

Couch to 5km - 4 Week Learn to Paddle Workshop

What’s Next:

Lake to River - Couch to 10km - Advanced Padding Day Workshop

Lake to River - Couch to 10km - 3 Week Advanced Padding Workshop

Make A SPLASH Workshop

Ready to Race - Speed, Technique and Tempo Training

Endurance & Distance - 50km in a Day

This full day workshop is designed to take you from Land to Lake with all the knowledge, skills, techniques and practice time to enjoy this SUP season

During the day we will cover:

Part 1

Meet the team. Safety. Rescue. H&S. Equipment. Paddle Techniques. Prone Paddling, Kneeling Paddling. Standing. Turns

15min Break

Part 2

4 stages of the paddling techniques for an efficient stroke. Turns progression and building distance

30min Lunch

Part 3

Gaining Confidence & Distance - Laps of the Lake

15min Break

Part 4

Time on the water to practice personal paddling style with feedback from the team


All equipment is provided and you will have the choice from our top of the range, professional, large fleet of paddles, boards and PFD. All you need is a sense of adventure and a big smile.

You must be over 18 and be confidant in and around water

Price £60

How To Book

Please click going and secure your board by following the link


What to bring and the million dollar question... What do I wear?

Please bring lunch, snacks and water/juice to hydrate and a flask of something warm is perfect to have during the day

You can wear your regular fitness gear. Please dress for the weather, layers and a change of clothes are great. We go out in all weather so please dress accordingly

Please avoid heavy jogger type material as if this gets wet it gets heavy and is uncomfortable

Wetsuit or not?

If you have a wetsuit feel free to wear or bring this along to the session

Its about 50/50 who wears wetsuits and who wears regular fitness gear as long as you are happy and warm enough you decide. If it's warm a wetsuit can become very hot and uncomfortable and can be quite restrictive whilst paddling

(have a look at our Facebook page for ideas) www.facebook.com/SUPYogaFitnessUK/

Lights, Camera, Action: You can leave your phone and camera in the car - unless you have it in a waterproof dry bag. We have our camera and will take a zillion pictures which we will forward to you

Car Keys & Personal Items: Please leave all your personal items in the boot of your car, your car keys will be locked in our van. We have a dry bag which we take out on the water so any personal medication can come out with you

Some other bits

Head: Sun hat in summer and Bobble hat in winter

Hands: Gloves are great, ski gloves, cycling gloves, scuba gloves, boating gloves, weight lifting gloves are all ideal

Footwear: Old trainers, scuba boots, swim shoes or bare foot in summer but please wear suitable footwear walking to our launching place - No flip-flops

Extras: Sunglasses (with lake saver - you can pick up a sunglasses lake saver from us), scarves, sunscreen, insect repellant

Bring layers, you are better to have the option to add another item of clothing on. There is space at the front of your board for you to keep extra clothing

Please bring for after the session

A change of clothes and a towel just in case. They can be kept in your car or our van. Maybe bring a Flask of hot drink for afterwards, water or juice and snacks

We have hand sanitiser available during and after the session but you will shower at home

Any questions please contact us at email , through the event or Facebook Messenger

See you on the water