04. June 2019 - 15:30 till 17:30
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Nottingham Radical City Walk (as part of the Transnational Radical Film Cultures Conference) | Nottingham Council House (meeting point) | Tuesday, 04. June 2019

This walking tour is part of the Transnational Radical Film Cultures Conference to be held in Nottingham on 3-5 June 2019. It is free and is only available for registered conference participants. Please register your interest in the tour through the Eventbrite link. 
This walking tour will be led by local historian Roger Tanner. We will walk around the city to discover Nottingham's radical history and heritage. Although Robin Hood is our local radical hero, Nottingham also has other radical figures and events, which have shaped the city as it is. We will visit sites of events and actors from the Painite meetings of the 1790s, Luddism from 1811 -1816, the Pentrich Rising of 1817, the 1831 Reform Bill Riots, Chartism, the early Socialists, miners strike, anti-racist events and so on.
This tour will start at the stone lions (a popular meeting point for locals) in front of the Council House (see picture above) on the Old Market Square at 3:30 pm. It will finish at 5:30pm at the Nottingham Contemporary where the evening event will be. You can get some food and drinks (at your own cost) at the Nottingham Contemporray Cafe before the evening event starts. 
We hope that the weather will be dry and sunny but you cannot be optimistic about the weather in England. So please check the weather forcast and prepare your umbrellas and waterproof jackets just in case! We will do a lof of walking and there will be uphills and downhills and upstairs and downstairs, so get ready for some physical exercises!  
Nottingham welcome you! Enjoy the tour!