20. February 2019 - 18:30 till 21:00
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Winter Healing, Meditation & Guidance Evening | Riverside Natural Health Centre | Wednesday, 20. February 2019

Gemma and I are coming together again to co-run our a few events to include guidance and healing for you.We are both so passionate about helping you with some some extra clarity and to feel more balanced as we know it can be a crazy world to live in at times with all we have to do as women.We are both experienced spiritual teachers, healers and empowerment mentors and there will be the chance for you to ask us any questions to aid your soul's journey.You will get some guidance for yourself and you can rest assured that it will be a sacred safe and loving space.In addition, we will be using our Tibetan bowls to aid your healing journey as well as some channelled soothing and healing vocal tones and a bowls have fantastic healing effects. The physical vibration of the sound waves releases energy blockages. Their sounds influence the brain waves in a positive and balancing way, and they have a calming effect on the nervous system. Singing bowls promote deep relaxation with subtle but sometimes profound healing more balanced, peaceful, with clarity and Answers To Your Questions from Multidimensional beings, your highest self and or guides.As catalysts it will be a wonderful trajectory that activates all you need for your highest good as you move even more into feel free to ask us any questions in relation to the event.We look forward to having you there and to help you on your & GemmaAs always, with all ceremonies, you may wish to bring a journal or notebook and favourite crystal. It will be warm enough however you may wish to bring a blanket all recommended for the journey/meditation work.x

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