17. August 2020 - 22:00
Online, Online
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IBM Skills Academy BLOCKCHAIN | Monday, 17. August 2020

Earn IBM Blockchain Badge & Design Thinking Practitioner Badge

About this Event

Discover how Blockchain can re-imagine fundamental business processes and invent new styles of secure digital interactions that will change the way the world works.

Audience: Individuals with an active interest in applying for jobs in relevant to implementing Blockchain technology.

In this course you will explore the topics, technology & skills required to gain practice in the successful implementation of Blockchain solutions. Including Hands on experience using popular Blockchain open source technology including Hyperledger Fabric.

Blockchain practitioners help organizations lead the way into their digital reinvention journeys, by identifying critical areas for the adoption of enterprise-grade Blockchain solutions that can benefit from the implementation of smart contracts using industry leading open source Blockchain technologies.

Prerequisite: Basic IT literacy Skills

Optional recommended skills, familiar with programming techniques such as JavaScript

IMB Badges earned: Blockchain Badge, Design Thinking Practitioner Badge