12. October 2019 - 8:30 till 17:00
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Fabulous Hands and Feet | | Saturday, 12. October 2019

Increase and maintain flexible and strong hands and feet through the techniques and methods of traditional yoga. Increase blood flow and energy in the feet and hands to help alleviate pain, discomfort and degeneration caused by illness, misuse and injuries.
Open to professional healers, yoga enthusiasts, yoga teachers and all who want to improve their health.  An accreditation exam is offered for those wishing to be recognised professionally.
In the workshop you will learn:

A routine of yoga – exercise, breathing and meditation to promote proper breath health of your hands and feet

Introduction to anatomy and physiology, form and function of the hands and feet

Posture adjustments, alignment and movement for optimal walking, gate patterns

Yoga techniques for the prevention of the effects of diseases like arthritis, carpal tunnel and others

Techniques addressing injuries that affect indirect / directly the hands and feet

Five habits to maintain correct breath control, and increase stamina for physical exercise

The consequences of weak feet positioning

Pranayama techniques that increase energy, and circulation in the extremities benefiting the hands and feet

Gratitude and Compassion

Action Plan for happier hands and feet

How to incorporate and teach techniques taught for those wanting to be certified.

Application in yogasana:

Basic and Advanced pranayama (breathing energy) for a balanced core and spine
Standing, balances, massage and pressure points therapy for the hands and feet

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