13. November 2019 - 9:30 till 16:00
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A Masterclass on 'The Inner Curriculum' - with Dr Neil and Jane Hawkes - Oxfordshire | Aureus School | Wednesday, 13. November 2019

School leaders, teachers and parents are increasingly worried about the mental health of both pupils and staff.
Expectations and accountability have never been higher, and schools have to contend with the complexity and polarisation of society and all that brings to the educative process.
The Inner Curriculum (IC) teaches us how to be conscious about and in harmonious control of our internal world of thoughts, feelings and emotions, enabling us to respond appropriately and altruistically to others without hurting them or damaging our own sense of self. Indeed, it supports the development of a strong and secure sense of self, which develops the disposition of self-leadership, which sustains wellbeing. 
We think that the Inner Curriculum, which draws on neuroscience, psychotherapy, excellent educational practices and the wisdom of humanity, is the missing key in education to creating a quality school. We think it has the potential to transform for the better schools, as we know them.
Our expectation is that those attending this Masterclass would take the information and practical guidance back to their schools to help them implement an 'Inner Curriculum' in these ways: 
- support each pupil to be more in control of their thinking and behaviour 
- give teachers and support staff the knowledge and skills to take the lid off a child's potential
- reduce stress and mental dis-ease in your school – for staff and pupils
- develop wellbeing, resilience and the pupils’ ability to flourish
- enhance the quality of learning
- make yours and your staff's life easier!
If you would like further information, please look at the VbE website,