26. September 2019 - 9:30 till 16:00
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Digital Marketing: Google Paid Search (PPC Ads) | Holiday Inn Peterborough - West | Thursday, 26. September 2019

Google Paid Search (PPC Ads)This interactive seminar has been designed to give delegates insight into the best pay-per-click (PPC) marketing strategies and practices to maximise your returns, and help achieve your business goals.
We will cover a basic to intermediate level overview of Google Ads (formerly know as AdWords), including setting up campaigns and optimising performance.
What you this seminar, you will:

Create and optimise Google Ads/PPC campaigns

Better structure and target your Ads account and campaigns

Carry out keyword research, build target lists with appropriate match types

Confidently set budgets and bids

Assess your cost-per-acquisition generated from PPC campaigns

Understand editorial guidelines when creating ads

How to improve ad relevance and quality score with keywords

Understand key metrics which will aid your PPC performance

There will also be opportunity for live assessment and recommendations of your own campaigns during the seminar. 
Who should attend?Individuals or teams who are just starting off with Google Ads, or have basic experience in running PPC campaigns and are looking to boost their expertise. If you are looking to move Ads management in house or increase your own knowledge and save time, money, and get better results.