25. July 2021 - 9:00
Plymouth NSSA 2021, Plymouth
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NSSA National Youth Regatta 2021 | Sunday, 25. July 2021

The NSSA National Youth Regatta will be hosted by Plymouth Youth Sailing between the 25th and 31st July 2021, in association with the Mount Batten Centre. The Regatta is the pinnacle of the NSSA’s year of events.

Up to 500 young people, from across the UK aged 19 and younger will sail in up to 400 single and two-handed dinghies in Plymouth


The week-long event, with several races a day will be highly competitive and Plymouth Sound’s natural amphitheatre provides parents, supporters and members of the public with the perfect opportunity to witness a spectacular event.

Since 2007, when the NSSA Youth Regatta last came to Plymouth, a ‘Rookie’ course has also been included in the regatta ensuring that those new to sailing, or competing for the first time are

able to get involved in a supported way. In addition to the on-water activities, a full social programme is offered ensuring there is lots of fun off and on the water. Lasting friendships are formed and the young people look forward to meeting up at future events.

Plymouth Youth Sailing (PYS) is an inclusive sailing club, based at the Mount Batten Centre. PYS provides young people with the opportunity to experience a variety of watersports, whilst being

supervised by experienced and dedicated volunteers. Regardless of age, gender, race or ability.

PYS believes that all young people should have the opportunity to experience Plymouth's largest natural asset, Plymouth Sound, and gain an understanding of the city's rich maritime heritage.

Young people are taught the skills needed to safely enjoy watersports, and are given the opportunity to practice and develop their skills further.

Plymouth Youth Sailing members are encouraged to take an active role in managing their club and many choose to continue supporting the club as they get older as ***** volunteers.

PYS recognises the value of watersports as a tool to help tackle some of the socio-economic and social inclusion issues faced by Plymouth.

Plymouth Youth Sailing has a proven track record of delivering national and local developmental projects both independently and as partners with national governing bodies, such as the Royal Yachting Association (RYA), and independent funding bodies.

PYS also has significant experience of delivering successful national and regional regattas and high-profile sailing events.