14. February 2050 - 0:00
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Valentines Day!!! :-))) | Everywhere | Monday, 14. February 2050

Everyone invited! If you want to be in one of my Valentines, or a different themed, pictures please ask. You can dress up, enjoy or post some food/ any Valentines pics and really do anything fun or Valentines-ish you like :) I had a great idea if all the single pets, males and females, could have a take me out themed party... This means a single male tells the females loads about him ( like what food, games and toys he likes and what breed he is ) and the females turn off their lights ( just by pressing beep on their pic ) if they don't want to go out with him, next he chooses two and ask them any question ( like if you gave me a present what present would you give me? ) and they answer and then the male chooses the female he wants and goes on chat with her on a date... or something else if they want and then the next person comes on! Please sign-up on the take-me out post ( for single pets.) If we don't get enough we'll have to CANCEL it Enjoy!!!