24. August 2017 - 11:00
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Reading Festival 2017 | Reading Festival | Thursday, 24. August 2017

Reading Festival 2017 will take place between Friday 25th - Sunday 27th August.

We have sold out of all tickets for the festival.
  • Ready to meet your favourite act? BBC Radio 1 Signing Tent times are now in the 'What's On' section of the app. 💪💪 po.st/RandLApp17
  • What time are we aloud on the campsite for early access?? The ticket says 6pm but that seems abit late
  • What time is entrance open from on Wednesday?
  • Are camping chairs allowed in the arena's this year?
  • Are there any restrictions on what alcohol you can bring into the campsite?
  • Wellies or no wellies? What you saying?
  • Take our quiz! 🤔 Examine the clues! 💡 Hazard a guess...
  • Which campsite will you be staying in?
  • Can someone else pick up our tickets if we give them a copy of our ID?
  • Are parking spaces still available for a full weekend?
  • Hello, Im thinking about purchasing a Saturday ticket on viagogo. But it always says something like Saturday ticket - Eminem or Saturday ticket - Muse? Are there special tickets for only certain artists?! Or is it just to tell "hey Eminem is there" ? Thanks
  • Hey dudes! Where is the box office we are meant to collect tickets from? I haven't received any email and am beginning to regret being a tight *** and refusing to pay the additional postal fee :(
  • Are re-sellers allowed?
  • So I'm buying a ticket of of a friend will I be able to get in if it hasn't got my own name on?
  • Hello I've a problem. I can't recover my tickets Does my Friend Can take my tickets with à copy of my CB, the ID and a letter ? Thanks
  • When will we know the times for acts??
  • Does anyone know if you can take the koppaberg kegs into the camping area ?
  • Tickets purchased! I'm there 🙌🏻🤘🏻
  • Any chance of showing The McGregor v Mayweather fight somewhere?
  • Who's got their fanny packs ready :) Jason Williams Ryan Connick
  • Got a day ticket for Saturday, is there a size limit on the bag you can take into the arena?
  • Has anyone not received there tickets yet??
  • Does anyone know what time the gates open Thursday? Our ticket isn't valid before 8am so what time can we start queuing? Cheers x
  • Are parking tickets still available to buy online or are they all sold out?
  • Hi guys just received my car park pass I am coming for just the Saturday but on the pass it says green Friday will I still be able to access the car park as I have all the emails to state I ordered the Saturday pass :/