20. September 2018 - 9:30 till 11:45
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Values Mini Conference - Wokingham, Berkshire | Loddon Primary School | Thursday, 20. September 2018

Loddon Primary School is an excellent values-based school. They have been awarded the VbE Quality Mark for their superb work in the field of values-education and are working towards the Enhanced Quality Mark. 
This mini-conference is for local schools to visit an excellent values-based school, to learn more about how to embed a values-based culture in their own settings and the potential benefits on learning, wellbeing and outcomes for whole school communities. 
A national speaker from VbE will present the national (and increasingly international) picture, and answer any questions you may have. 
What is VbE?
Values-based Education underpins the life and work of school communities, colleges, and other settings, including the home so that they are values-based. 
The term 'values-based' implies that every aspect of life, both personal and professional is based on the way that values are lived. 
It is transformational, in that it invites cultural change that is based on equity and respect for all; it is challenging, as it calls us to ask what we can give to life, as opposed to what can we get from life?  It promotes a way of being that values the self, others and the environment.  It is simple, yet profound in its effects. 
VbE is a developmental process that connects with the intrinsic qualities of human beings and actively nurtures them.  It invites the individual to be aware of the potential power of their inner world of thoughts and feelings; how the way that these are used affects our own wellbeing, that of others and potentially the world. 
It sees the purpose of education as the flourishing of humanity.
VbE is soundly based on research, which shows the positive effects on pupils, both socially and academically, when educators model and teach about universal, positive human values. 
The purpose of adopting VbE is to inspire young people to adopt positive values in their lives so that they can be the best people that they can be and actively demonstrate the values in their daily lives.