10. January 2020 - 11:00 till 12:00
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The Bauhaus Centenary | Old Town Hall | Friday, 10. January 2020

It is 100 years since the grandfather of modernism Walter Gropius opened the original Staatliches Bauhaus or Bauhaus school in Weimar! And with exhibitions and events going on around the world, we thought it is only right we too end the celebrations with some talks on this famous movement by Art Historian and expert on design history Susan Holder.
For the last 2 years Susan has been running 'Building Blocks of 20th Century Design' on MA course: Curating Contemporary Design, run by Kingston University and the Design Museum.

From its founding in 1919 by Walter Gropius in Weimar, and subsequent closure in 1933, the Bauhaus theories and ideas spread out across the world through the architects (and their pupils) who attended the school to many different geographical places. It birthed a generation of acclaimed alumni across a range of disciplines, including typographer Herbert Bayer, textile artist Anni Albers and sculptor Marianne Brandt. Meanwhile teachers included artist Wassily Kandinsky, designer Piet Zwart, and architect Mies van der Rohe.
Why has this particular art school generated so many celebratory exhibitions, books and articles this year; what did it teach and what makes it so special, and what should we be celebrating?

Please join Susan on:

10/1/20 Background and Heritage 
    - Arts and Craft/William Morris, the Werkbund, craft and industry, Walter Gropius

17/1/20  Foundation and Evolution of Bauhaus  
    - Foundation of the school at Weimar 1919; the basic course/curriculum,                              the Masters and their workshops
    - Move to Dessau and the great transformation

24/1/20 Demise of Bauhaus and its Legacy
    - Departure of Gropius; Hannes Meyer, architecture and industry; Mies van der Rohe and 
      move to Berlin
   -  Closure of school by the **** regime in 1933
   -  Dispersion of the Masters around the world taking the Bauhaus philosophy with them
   -  The Bauhaus legacy, including products selling in shops today

Fridays 11.00-12.00
Whittaker Suite
Old Town Hall
Whittaker Avenue
Richmond TW9 1TP

£12 per lecture