15. August 2020 - 7:30
The Happy Lemon -Yoga Shala, Riverview
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Mothers on Fire 21 day Personal Retreat | Saturday, 15. August 2020

THIS IA A VIRTUAL EVENT!!!!! “I will never be free from pain, but I could be free from the fear of pain, and that was enough, I finally stopped avoiding fires long enough to to let myself burn and what I learned was that I was like that burning bush, the fire of pain won’t consume me, I can burn and burn and live, I can live on fire, I am fire proof!” Glennon Doyle

This is an online opportunity for 21 days of daily quotes, inspirations and short daily healing activities.

Mothers who need to take more time for themselves and separate from struggles that a child:or ***** child is managing. (Mothers dealing with a child with mental health issues, addiction or dealing with the criminal justice system)

Some journeys are more difficult than others, if you are walking a path that feels difficult, maybe you feel alone on your journey and would like the company of other mothers walking a Similar path.....

21 days $21 July 18- August 8

Please private message me with your intention to join