20. November 2019 - 9:00
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BMW & Mercedes Course | KAP HQ | Wednesday, 20. November 2019

Event Details
This three day course is a comprehensive practical guide to ABRITES AVDI Diagnostics for BMW and Mercedes.
Key topics covered include:
- AVDI Instalation
- AVDI navigation
- ABPROG - practical usage
- Tag Key Tool - advanced usage
- BMW interface navigation- BMW systems overview- Reading isn from ECU+CAS- ECU-CAS adaption- Key programming for EWS, CAS 1,2,3,3+,4- E- Series gearbox adaption- Down/upgrading CAS software- Unlocking BMW keys with online software

- Mercedes interface navigation
- Mercedes systems overview
- Renew ECU and adapt to vehicle
- Renew EZS (EIS) and adapt to vehicle
- Renew ESL (EVL) and adapt to vehicle
- Renew ISM unit and adapt to vehicle
- Renew 7G-TRONIC gearbox and adapt to vehicle
- Key programming for Mercedes vehicles (1998-2014) on FSB2/3 system

Training Outcomes
- Ability to download and install AVDI Diagnostics software- Interface navigation and an understanding of different AVDI Diagnostics in particular BMW & Mercedes- Removal and reading of EEPROM's. ABPROG coverage (including soldering)- Understanding the TAG Key Tool and advanced functionality features- Familiarisation of BMW & Mercedes systems- Hands-on practical guide to using major ABRITES AVDI Diagnostics for BMW & Mercedes special functions- Comprehensive understanding of key programming for BMW & Mercedes