30. August 2020 - 7:00 till 19:00
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Bank Holiday Blowout: Fish and Chips by the Coast! - Sunday Club Ride | Brookside Pharmacy | Sunday, 30. August 2020


Sitwell CC Road Captains

Jonny HaynesAndrew LaidlerLeaving from the corner of Turner Lane & High Street at 7am. That's SEVEN AM! Big summer blowout! Big miles, big effort. Big laughs. Our now annual Cleggy ride as it's affectionately known. 36 members out on a peach of a day in 2019, lets hope for more of the same in 2020.
Ride discription:140ish miles, relatively flat with a few lumps as we hit The Wolds, but nothing like round here.This is the route we'll be doing: https://www.strava.com/routes/15048711.
The pace on this ride will be about ~15mph.Café stop on the way back. Well, Ice cream stop at the awesome Blyton Ice Cream Parlour. Fish and Chips at the excellent Papas on the pier.----What do you need?:Helmets are required, and carry at least one spare inner tube plus a basic tool kit comprising a minimum of:Multi-toolTyre leversChain tool (chain breaker)One inner tube (preferably two)Spanner (with multiple size holes, helps with brake/pedal situations)Spoke keyMini pump (or gas canisters and valve)An emergency tenner (useful at the cafe stop if nothing else)In the Winter months riders should have full length mudguards and preferably a mudguard flap - it helps to keep our kit clean!Our no-drop policy applies to every club ride so there will usually be a tool for the job amongst us somewhere and hands on deck to help out. However, it's still wise to carry a toolkit of your own in case you have to head back home alone for any reason.More information can be found on our site here:www.sitwell.cc/club-ridesRules of the roadEveryone on a club ride needs to take responsibility for the safety of others as well as for themselves. In order to ensure our rides remain safe as well as good fun, we ask all our members to follow some basic rules and standards of cycling etiquette.If you're considering just doing part of this ride we would recommend you familiarise yourself with the area and/or bring a map of some kind. However, if you ask the Road Captain they will help as much as possible in directing you.Please let someone know if you leave the ride/group as we don't want to waste time searching for you if nothing is wrong. If you are struggling in anyway don't suffer in silence, please let the Road Captain know so they can help if possible.DisclaimerThis is an opportunity to meet up for a ride with others and socialise. Although someone will be determining the route you are ultimately responsible for your own actions.