18. July 2019 - 8:00 till 11:00
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Entrepreneur Mastermind Group Rotherham/Sheffield | Fusion@Magna | Thursday, 18. July 2019

Entrepreneur Mastermind Group 2
Get down and experience my new take on a traditionally very effective, but a recently dated method of engaging and growing. 
"This is not a networking event!"
Just in case you’re unfamiliar with the term ‘mastermind’ group, we’ll look to discuss:

Mind mapping and collecting of new ideas

Peer accountability

Group Support

Helping others

Focus and clarity

These will be monthly and around 2 hours in the morning, with the option to interact before and after on a more intimate level with myself and other members of the group. 
What could you do with scheduling 2 hours on yourself and your business?
My concept is to take 14min 40 seconds per day to improve yourself (this is just 1% of your day). Just over 7 hours is 1% of your month, you will be actively encouraged to take the day and put into action what you learn and plan in those 2 hours with your group.Maximum of 10 members per session. 
You will only be sharing time, resources and ideas with people who are on your level or who can help you grow as an individual.Along with this, each session will look to entail:

Education on a new performance-related topic (12 for the year)

Receive a heightened level of accountability via the group and optional one 2 one sessions with myself.

Be pushed to explore new methods of improvement and growth. These new skills will push both your personal and professional performance.

I will help you explore the next levels of thinking, taking you and your thoughts to the next level.

Have access to a themed workshop that will be specific to the group and its needs.

If this sounds like the action you need to be taking, then don't hesitate to book on right now and then share it with someone else you feel it would benefit.
I believe in sharing all the good stuff, so if you feel this is valuable, share it with someone who you would like to help on their journey.