05. November 2019 - 10:00 till 16:00
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A 6 step process to build your 7 figure business | Brownsover Hall Hotel | Tuesday, 05. November 2019

There are 6 elements to growing your business. 
They are strategy, operations, finance, sales & marketing, people, systems.  Many small business owners are strong on operations but relatively weak in the other areas.  We'll show you how to get all 6 elements working properly so you can achieve all your business and personal goals.
This will be a participative all day workshop. 
When building your business you always start with you. You are the driver and and your style will add or hinder your success. Before our programme you will get to  experience the MindSonar® assessment. A unique measurement that identies your strengths and blind spots in building your business. Once you know your Mindset  you can analyse your clients , customers and workforce.

Knowing how you think and make choices will build your business more rapidly than  your competition.
You'll be provided with workbooks.  You'll also expeience the Mind Sonar assessment and your results will be analysed so you can then use the knowledge gained.