25. November 2020 - 10:00
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ILP Completion Project Support Autumn 2020 | Draycote Hotel | Wednesday, 25. November 2020

ILP Exterior Lighting Diploma Completion Project Support
A new initiative from the ILP. Our lecturers have set aside two days and one evening to help you finish your ILP Exterior Lighting Diploma. We invite you to come along for no extra cost.
Two days that will:

Aid students who are struggling to begin their ELD Completion Project/Module 4
Assist anyone part way through who is finding it a challenge to complete their project
Enable your or your employee to finish and be awarded the ILP Exterior Lighting Diploma

Why you should finish your Completion Project

Attending the three residential ELD modules doesn’t mean you have achieved the ILP Exterior Lighting Diploma
No project = no certificate, so finish your studies and prove your worth to employers and recruiters
Holding the ILP Exterior Lighting Diploma can demonstrate competency for you, your staff, your organisation

The requirement to hold the full ILP Exterior Lighting Diploma may be included in

Employment contracts
Contracts for service delivery

 Who benefits from finishing the ILP Exterior Lighting Diploma?

Local authorities
Highway lighting engineers
Exterior public realm specialists

 Who can attend this support session?

Anyone who has completed the three residential modules, from 2013 onwards.
                **If you would like support and you studied on the ILP Exterior Lighting Diploma earlier than 2013, please                        get in touch for details of how we can help you.
Places are limited 


Wednesday/Thursday  25th/26th November 2020

There is no charge for this*. The ILP is a charity here to help you develop, in order to provide better lighting for our communities and planet. We will provide meals, refreshments and one night accommodation so all you need to do is focus on your studies.

      *If you had attended your three residential modules prior to 2013 we may be able to accomodate you but charges will apply.  Please contact us to discuss.