29. November 2018 - 9:00
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Application Development Using MATLAB.:CIC6007_2018-2019 | The University of Sheffield | Thursday, 29. November 2018

Doctoral Development Program Module 
Course Length
5 X 3 hour sessions
Matlab is one of the major scientific and engineering programming, modelling and visualisation applications available on all major platforms. It contains powerful programming elements and visualisation tools that allow the user to develop complex computational and visualisation applications all within a single environment, using state of the art user interfaces. It can also be enhanced by a variety of optional specialised applications called 'toolboxes' some of which are also available at the University of Sheffield. This course is for people who want to develop state of the art scientific applications with strong visual context as rapidly as possible The course is run on PCs, but is equally valid for Unix, Linux and Mac users
Once a year during Autumn Semester